A Remarkable Milestone for Family Councils in Long-Term Care Homes

Written by Nola Galloway, President, Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC, January 2023


Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC (ILTCCABC) is a “Provincial Association of Family Councils” representing the important collective voice of residents, their families, and residents’ representatives.

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Who We Are

ILTCCABC is a registered society under the BC Societies Act. It is a provincial association of family councils representing the collective voice of residents, their families, and representatives. ILTCCABC is comprised of its member Regional Associations of Family Councils which operate in every health authority in BC. ILTCCABC is viewed by the Ministry of Health as an important partner (stakeholder in the long-term care sector). 

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What We Do

Independent Long-Term Care Councils (ILTCC) play a significant role in the LTC sector. Belonging to a council enables residents and families to become involved in decisions that affect residents’ care and quality of life at the local, regional, and provincial levels. Each of our member “Regional Associations of Family Councils” and their experienced volunteers are eagerly and passionately assisting LTC home operators and residents

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What is a Family and/or Resident Council

A Resident and/or Family Council is a group of persons who either live in a long-term care (LTC) home, their families, and/or the residents’ representative, who meet regularly to maintain and enhance the quality of life of residents in LTC. Councils exist to engage the resident community and to improve the experiences of all residents, by providing their insights and advice

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