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ILTCCABC acknowledges one of its members: Robyn McCorquodale, her music and advocacy unite in a UBC research project

By June 28, 2024July 5th, 2024No Comments

The Vice Chair of the Vancouver Coastal Association of Family Councils (VCAFC), Robyn
McCorquodale, is honoured to have her worlds of music and advocacy come together, in being
part of a research project conducted by the UBC School of Nursing that highlights the positive
impact of Family Councils and Resident Councils in Long Term Care (LTC).

One study led by Assistant Professor, Dr. Farinaz Havaei, produced a documentary capturing
how councils elevate the collective voice and champion for the quality of life of BC’s most
vulnerable residents. “Raise Your Voice,” is a moving seven minute video that gives the viewer
a glimpse into LTC and demonstrates how councils can make a difference in enhancing the
resident experience and in amplifying the resident and family voices. Robyn’s song, “We Fly
Together or We Don’t Fly at All” is the soundtrack throughout the documentary.

Robyn took a step back from her international performance career in order to support her
parents as they transitioned from their home, to moving into LTC in 2017. Robyn was actively
engaged as an advocate as well as providing hands-on support, until she was locked out of the
care home in March 2020. Three weeks later, her father passed away. While his passing was not directly due to COVID-19, she feels the pandemic’s restrictions deeply impacted his health and well-being during that time. While Robyn grieved the loss of her dad, she continued to support her mom in LTC, via telephone, until she regained access as an Essential Caregiver in July 2020.

Robyn believes that family and friends of importance play a critical role and always need to be
included in the conversation and care of their loved ones. For this reason, she and other family
members at Windermere Care Centre, welcomed the opportunity to create a Family Council.
With the support of Lisa Dawson, VCAFC Chair, and Windermere Management, the
Windermere Care Centre Family Council was born in June 2023, as an independent council, to
support each other and advocate for their loved ones.

Ironically, it was during the early days of the lockdown, that Robyn wrote her song “We Fly
Together or We Don’t Fly At All.” An uplifting anthem that honours seniors and celebrates
health care professionals, the title is self-explanatory: as a community of healthcare teams, we
must work together or we will get nowhere.
Robyn is passionate about growing the Family Council movement, and advocating for systemic
change within LTC.

UBC Documentary “Raise Your Voice”
Official Music Video “We Fly Together or We Don’t Fly at All”