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We will provide you volunteer training and mentoring. With your help, we will work together to enhance the ‘Quality of Life’ for Long-Term Care (LTC) Residents. LTC Resident or Family Councils, the Regional Associations of Family Councils and the Provincial Association of Family Councils are all driven by the hard work and dedication of volunteers. It is through decades of volunteer efforts that we have come to have the initial changes needed in long-term care. We can only grow and affect needed change with your help!


Resident or Family Council Volunteer – LTC residents, their families and representatives have the opportunity to establish a resident council and/or a family council in their LTC home. They can become involved in decisions that affect them and help shape the long-term care system. Be a part of enhancing residents’ quality of life!


Regional Association of Family Councils Volunteer – Do you have a few hours a week to help with some volunteer duties. E.g. Train to assist in establishing family councils and resident councils in LTC homes, graphic design, website maintenance, social media, events and conferences, administration tasks, newsletter, calendar, etc. Become a Regional Association Mentor to train volunteers in one or more areas of work being done within a regional association of family councils. Be both a Mentor (Trainer) and a Volunteer (e.g. transition staff-led to family-led councils and establish new family councils)


Provincial Association of Family Councils (ILTCCABC) Volunteer – Do you have a few hours a week to help with some volunteer duties: E.g. assisting with social media campaigns, coordinating events, working with partner organizations, developing educational material and much more.


Whether your interest is to volunteer on a long-term care home council or at the regional or provincial association level, we’d like to discuss how you can contribute to improving Long-Term Care in BC.


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