Resident and Family Council Booklet

This booklet was developed by the Ministry of Health to assist residents who live in long-term care, their families and/or the residents’ representatives in long-term care homes to set up, operate and maintain positively functioning Resident Councils (RCs) and/or Resident and Family Councils (RFCs). For simplicity, this booklet will refer to RCs and RFCs jointly as “Councils”.

Every person living in a licensed long-term care home, along with their family and/or the person’s representative has the right to participate in a Council.

Councils can contribute to positive changes in the quality of life of residents and help to ensure that all voices are heard. The goal of this booklet is to assist residents and their families/representative to set up and maintain a positively functioning Council. The booklet also contains ideas that may be helpful for existing Councils.

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