Stakeholder Voices

Stakeholder Voices in the Long-Term Care Sector consulting with Government (Ministry of Health & Health Authorities)

The following groups are often who the government will consult when they refer to “stakeholders” in the care sector.    

  • Residents, their family members and representatives, are represented by the provincial association of family councils (ILTCCABC) and its member regional associations.     
  • Staff who work in the LTC homes are represented by their unions and safety associations.      
  • LTC home operators are represented by industry associations or health authorities.

Eg. BC Care Providers Association represent the voices of their member long-term care home operatorsMany Long-Term Care Home Operators have entered into a contractual relationship with the Health Authorities to provide publicly subsidized LTC beds. Many of them are members of the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA)


The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health works together with the five regional health authorities in providing Long-Term Care services.

Regional Health Authorities
Regional health authorities – Province of British Columbia ( 5 regional health authorities plan and deliver publicly subsidized Long-Term Care services within their geographic areas.