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ILTCCABC Collaborates with UBC School of Nursing on their “Raise Your Voice” Research Project 

By June 21, 2024June 24th, 2024No Comments

The Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC (ILTCCABC) supports its 5 member regional associations in their efforts to educate, establish, maintain, and grow councils in long-term care homes across BC.

ILTCCABC is proud to announce our collaboration with the UBC School of Nursing on this project because it validates our work to support councils to be effective. Effective councils are more successful at seeing progress in their resident and family caregiver advocacy, their relationships with each other, their staff and their long-term care home management.

ILTCCABC also exists to elevate the voice of our long-term care councils: to the regional level and onwards to the Ministry of Health by the mechanism of councils networking at regional forums and creating systemic issues reports for our Ministry of Health.

The ILTCCABC Vision is that quality of life, person-centered care be the lens through which all service delivery decisions are made in long term care homes in BC.

WATCH the 7 min video:
DOWNLOAD the Council Effectiveness Tool form the Hope Lab Website:
LEARN from the 1 page infographic about the key findings from their research: