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Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC (ILTCCABC) Announces Successful Year and Leadership Transition

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Released May 27, 2024 by ILTCCABC Communications

May 15, 2024 – The Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC (ILTCCABC) is pleased to report a productive and impactful 2023 fiscal year.  

In April 2023, ILTCCABC received $300,000 in project funding from the BC government to enhance the voice of long-term care (LTC) residents, their families, and representatives. Over the past year, our hard-working volunteers enabled the creation of 38 new independent family councils, bringing the total to 82 established councils, with an additional 61 councils in progress.

Our other successes included:

  1. building on the involvement and inclusion of our five member regional associations of family councils.    
  2. connecting with numerous long-term care homes to help educate and inform families and residents about the benefits of independent councils and the importance of engagement and relationship-building between management, staff, families and residents.    
  3. developing two systemic issues reports which were submitted to the Ministry of Health and which, together, included the 39 systemic issues we heard from families and residents via our five regional associations.  Both reports included potential solutions.
  4. inputting into the development of various policies related to LTC, including a quality indicators framework.
  5. assisting numerous families on how to navigate the complaint process {internal and external], often referring them to the relevant legislation or regulation and which provincial office to contact.  
  6. building relationships with other stakeholders in long-term care.    

ILTCCABC works collaboratively with the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities, and LTC operators to provide educational resources, support council formation, and strengthen partnerships. This effort is part of the organization’s mission to ensure residents and their families have a strong voice in shaping BC’s long-term care system.

ILTCCABC extends enormous gratitude to the dedicated regional volunteers and family members who tirelessly support the growth and success of councils. Their efforts are crucial in advocating for the needs and rights of all LTC residents in BC.

ILTCCABC remains committed to its goal of establishing independent family and resident councils in all LTC homes in BC.

Announcement: Farewell to Nola Galloway, Inspirational Leader

ILTCCABC has hit another remarkable milestone with the completion of our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of a new Board of Directors. With this change comes the bittersweet announcement that our colleague and friend, Nola Galloway, is stepping down from the position of President. 

Nola Galloway has been an important part of the Provincial Association of Family Council’s success for several years, even before we became a registered society. Nola was part of a movement of councils across Vancouver Island and the initial steering committee which formed Family Councils of BC (predecessor of ILTCCABC).

Nola and her presence will be sincerely missed. We are incredibly grateful for her contributions and the positive impacts she has made on ILTCCABC and to long-term care councils directly. As well, her tireless persistence and input to public policy, to the government and our sector partners, and the thousands of family council members she has worked with over the years.

“Nola stepped into the leadership position of our organization literally overnight when Kim Slater was forced to step down due to health reasons. She has been our President, our critic, our voice, our guiding light, our inspiration, and our friend. Her incredible skills, deep compassion, warmth, and enthusiasm will be sincerely missed,” said Marcy Johnsrude, the incoming President of ILTCCABC.

Nola Galloway’s Farewell Speech

At our recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), Nola Galloway, our Former President, shared the following reflections:

“It has been my profound privilege to serve as President of ILTCCABC. Our journey has been one of tremendous growth and impact. Together, we have made strides in ensuring that the voices of LTC residents and their families are heard and respected. As I step down, I am filled with gratitude for the dedication of our volunteers and the unwavering support of our partners. Our collective efforts have laid a strong foundation for continued success, and I am confident that ILTCCABC will achieve even greater milestones in the years to come.”

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Nola and wish her much success in the future! 

Some words from Marcy Johnsrude, New President 

I am humbled to be stepping into the position of President, ILTCCABC especially when I consider all that has been accomplished under Nola’s strong leadership and the foundation that I now must to build on.

ILTCCABC has an exceptional group of amazing, hard-working volunteers. I look forward to building upon those existing relationships to help facilitate change in the long-term care sector.  Realistically, change takes time; however, I am confident there are a number of short term initiatives that can help bring more immediate and necessary change to the lives of all residents in care.  

I enjoy connecting and engaging with families and residents [the reason we are here] and the multitude of other stakeholders in the sector.  I have come to understand the pivotal role our five member Regional Associations play in engaging with their respective family councils to hear their issues and experiences and help develop potential solutions for moving forward to improve quality of care and quality of life. 

I enjoy promoting and discussing our work and goals with various groups and organizations as well as with the families and residents who now have the opportunity to have their voices heard.  

My goal for the next year is for ILTCCABC to:  1) become well known to everyone in the province as the “go to” organization for building and maintaining family councils; 2) have a substantive role at the table for immediate and future change in long-term care where we can witness each and every resident living the best life that they are capable of living.

Stay tuned.

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