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ILTCCABC Statement on UBC Research: Raise Your Voice Video

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ILTCCABC was registered in 2022 in response to the catastrophic outcomes from COVID decision making without the engagement of the residents and families. We support the regional associations in their work to help long-term care homes, their residents, and families form and maintain councils.

Our ILTCCABC volunteer team promotes Independent Councils in long-term care homes across BC, supports our member Regional Associations of Family Councils, and advances the collective voice directly to the Ministry of Health. This ensures that residents, their families and representatives have a voice in decisions that affect their lives and help shape BC’s Long-Term Care System.

Our Vision

Our vision is for quality-of-life, person-centered care to be the lens through which all service delivery decisions are made in long-term care homes in BC.
While our advocacy for resident and family engagement through councils has been challenging, volunteers can attest that every long-term care home can empower residents and families to make a difference through councils. By seizing the opportunity to form councils, residents and families can advocate for change and see improvement while still in care.

Residents are now encouraged to share their collective wants, needs, and wishes with decision-makers in their long-term care homes. They can be part of the long-term care family, and their families can be members of the care team.

UBC Research: Raise Your Voice

ILTCCABC is grateful to the UBC research team for providing empirical evidence supporting councils in long-term care. Their “effectiveness tool” quantifies and illustrates the potential for improved relations and actions that lead to a better quality of life. We will actively promote the use of this tool to ensure residents, families, and long-term care operators understand their role in council effectiveness.

The “Raise Your Voice” video demonstrates the importance of engaging people in decisions that affect them. ILTCCABC applauds the message that councils are effective not only at the individual care home level but also at regional and provincial levels, where they can address and resolve systemic issues.

Call to Action

ILTCCABC joins UBC in asking long-term care homes to take the following actions:

  1. Share the video with all residents and families in long-term care to inspire current volunteers and encourage others to join or start a council.
  2. Share the infographic summarizing the research findings with all staff and management in long-term care. It offers an overview of evidence-based factors contributing to effective resident and family councils and serves as a valuable resource for staff who regularly interact with councils.
  3. Share the Effectiveness tool widely with councils and care staff. This tool is designed to measure council effectiveness, providing data-driven insights into the factors and supports needed for optimal functioning. Sharing this tool will help in forming and maintaining effective councils.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have tirelessly championed councils. Their vision, lived experience, countless volunteer hours, and unwavering voices have brought us to this pivotal moment.

Raise Your Voice / UBC Nursing Vancouver

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