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    Pre-Qualification Form to complete if interested in being able to access our library of educational resources for Family Councils :


    1. Are you a family member, friend or representative of a person who resides in a long-term care home in BC?




    2. Are you a member of a family council operating in a BC long-term care home?




    3. Are you a member of a Regional Association of Family Councils?




    4. Do you want a family council in your loved one’s long-term care home?




    5. Would you like to learn more about what a family council is and how to establish a family council in your region?




    Please complete the following:




    Name of the long-term care home where your loved one resides:*

    What town or city is the long-term care home located in:*


    Name of the family council chairperson (if council established):

    Email address of council chairperson:

    Phone number of council chairperson:



    We will review your information and be in touch with you via email to discuss further. 

    Thank you,

    Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC