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Media Release

Province of BC Provides Grant to ILTCCABC

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Nola Galloway May 30, 2023

Media release by the Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC (ILTCCABC)

Written by Nola Galloway, President, ILTCCABC.

I am pleased to announce that the Province of BC has issued the Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC a grant of $300,000. We are extremely grateful to receive this grant to assist the Ministry of Health with the shared goal of enhancing the voice of long-term care (LTC) residents and family members, by providing support to local long-term care resident and family councils.

ILTCCABC is a registered society under the BC Societies Act. It is a provincial association of family councils representing the collective voice of residents, their families and representatives. ILTCCABC is comprised of its member Regional Associations of Family Councils which operate in every health authority in BC. ILTCCABC is viewed by the Ministry of Health as an important partner (stakeholder in the long-term care sector). ILTCCABC contributes to the development and maintenance of independent resident and family councils in LTC.

“The voices of residents and their families are at the heart of every decision about long-term care that our government makes,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “In order to improve the lives of seniors and long-term care residents, we need to empower them to provide feedback. This funding which supports the work of Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC (ILTCCABC) will do exactly that. I look forward to seeing the implementation of the Residents and Family Councils at the local, regional and provincial levels by the care home operators, health authorities and the Ministry of Health. Together, we can all take action to make long-term care homes more inclusive of everyone’s voice.”

ILTCCABC and its member regional associations of family councils aim to improve the LTC journey for residents and their families by assisting them to learn about, establish and maintain effective independent LTC home resident and family councils across BC. Resources are provided to equip resident and family councils with the tools they need to advocate effectively on behalf of all residents. Individual councils receive ongoing support from regional association volunteer members with lived experiences who have a broad understanding of the LTC system. These experienced volunteers also offer assistance and guidance to the LTC home team. They can explain the various ways in which the LTC home can support resident and family councils, thereby increasing the likelihood of a collaborative and respectful working relationship between the LTC home and the council.

“Improving the lives of seniors living in long-term care homes is a key priority for our government,” said Harwinder Sandhu, Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors’ Services and Long-term Care. “Resident and family voices are so important in the decisions we make, and I look forward to working with resident and family councils as we continue to take action to strengthen seniors’ services and care around the province now, and into the future.”

Each regional association invites family councils operating within its respective Health Authority to become a member, enabling councils to network with each other. Additionally, individuals in the community are encouraged to reach out to your respective regional association of family councils and inquire about becoming a volunteer member to advocate for councils in LTC homes. (e.g., individuals who: currently or in the past advocated to enhance the quality of care and quality of life of residents in LTC; once were members of a LTC Family Council or had loved ones residing in LTC; volunteer in LTC; previously worked in LTC).


Provincial Association of Family Councils:

Independent Long-Term Care Councils Association of BC

ILTCCABC’s member Regional Associations of Family Councils:

Fraser Association of Family Councils

Interior Association of Family Councils

Northern Association of Family Councils

Vancouver Coastal Association of Family Councils

Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils

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